Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The news is bad

You might ask yourself "what is this"? It's a grainy cell phone picture of an accident that happened the other day a couple blocks away, in the early evening. I was on my way to the post office to get my latest Netflix package in for the last post (because I am obsessive about milking that membership dry) when I heard about 8 bazillion police cars a block away. Now, I am not a normally bloodthirsty person, but I wsa curious what was going on in my quiet residential naighborhood. This silver Mazda somehow managed to jump the curb and plow into a house on Oakhurst Drive. Newsworthy, huh? I would think so: it's not usual for cars to enter the living rooms of houses. Not unheard of, but not usual. I dutifully emailed it to the local newspaper, who didn't care to run with the story. Oddly, neither did the teeny throw-away Beverly Hills paper. The TV news of course didn't, since the Action McNewsTeam Helicopter wasn't right on the scene, or more likely perhaps Lindsay Lohan wasn't driving the car. I know what Britneys pubes look like, I know every detail of the sad saga of Anna Nicole Smith, and I feel as if I should have my own Oscar, what with all of the recaps (L. O. V. E. Helen Mirren, but can we move along?). What I don't know is why a car took out the corner and red-tagged a house firmly in the heart of 90210.

Thanks, Fourth Estate.


colombina said...

Well, great, now I, being miles and miles from where you are, am curious too. Is there any way to find out what happened? :-)

elle said...

That really is pretty damn big news. WTH is wrong w/ news agencies these days? Like Marina, I'm very curious as well. You've now inspired national interest. :-)
Sending rapid flu recovery vibes your way!

tmp00 said...


I suppose there is, (I could call the police) but I would feel pretty weird doing that: kind of creepy. At best I'd come across as some strange middle-aged Hardy boy, at worse a creepy blood-thirsty wierdo.

tmp00 said...


I don't know. I realise there is a lot of news in the naked city, so The Times might miss it, but there are two little local weeklies that totally ignored it as well. I guess the only way it's newsworthy these days is if someone from "Prison Break" was driving.