Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!

In a perfect world, all of us would be coming home to Vin Diesel (well you can insert your desired hunk here) with a little something from Sweet Lady Jane (Victoria, if you are reading this we totally have to go next time you're up here) who will retire to run a nice bath for us while we munch.

It's not a perfect world, but I think I might just stop by on the way home

I hope all of you have a lovely V-Day!


colombina said...

I want to eat my cake with Wentworth Miller. If he is not available, Joaquin Phoenix will also be acceptable. And if he is busy filming too, well then, Keanu Reeves will have to do. :-)

katiedid said...

I'd be eating cupcakes with Neil Finn (because I like skinny geeks with funny accents, what can I say?) I'll also take Gary Oldman (but, uh, Rosencrantz & Guildenstern era Gary Oldman, because otherwise, ewww.)

Happy Valentine's Day, Tom. Enjoy your desserts - that website is a dangerous thing to look at indeed, when I haven't even had so much as a cup of coffee or anything to eat yet. Hope their goodies taste as good as they look!

tmp00 said...


Any of those would do as well.

You're willing to share your cake? You are far nicer than I am!

tmp00 said...


Their goodies are way too good. They are also dangerously close to my house.

Qwendy said...

Hi T, Happy VD to you too -- loved your GBF sales pitch on Columbina's blog, it's a great idea! Luckily we have lots of help on our street, just in case my BF's Metrosexuality is on the blink. Lucky for me I think it's had a tune up lately, like maybe when I was out at Sniffa with you on Saturday -- great to meet you, what fun! And thanks for remembering me, I've got a dim memory of it all now that you jogged it, phew!

tmp00 said...


I had to write it down fast before it disappeared; it's kind of a sweet-smelling fog at the moment..

elle said...

Happy one week anniversary of Vday! I'm sure that somewhere this is a significant holiday. And one more chance for Vin to be going home w/ you. Me? Currently, sight unseen, I have a huge crush on Claude Marchal. And he could gift me w/ all 5 of those scents. Deep sigh.