Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I'll always remember them this way- before Battery Park City, before the area became a hub of activity with apartments and shops. Two cool, somewhat detached towers that were an ode to American Progress and capitalism.

I wrote on the five-year anniversary: "They were not beloved when they were built, indeed they were seen as dinosaurs: the last gasp of urban-planning gone bad. They were in a sterile plaza that demolished the street grid of Lower Manhattan, a plaza so windswept that navigating it was nigh unto impossible. As an object, the cool beauty of the twin towers was successful as art, as a building it was less successful.

But I came across this image and it reminded me of how lovely the towers were, and on the anniversary of the horror that consumed so many lives, I thought a short elegy to their beauty was apt."

I think it's still apt 12 year after that horrible day.