Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bravo's newest show is "Top Designer". I am so far not being sucked in as much as with Top Chef, but that still might happen. Top likes? Goil, who is as cute as a button. Top dislikes? Hate to say it, but Todd Oldham's spray-tan and his line readings: his interactions with people are fine, but his reading of the scripted lines is oddly sing-song.

Oh, and I am sorry but Kelly Wearstler can no longer judge anybody. Not with that hellish crimped 'do she showed up in for episode four. Kelly, sweetie, Heart lost that look in the 80's, k?


colombina said...

Thank you for posting about this! After the last episode I am considering boycotting the show, seriously. Between the pseudo-artsy, talentless jerk who hasn't ever won anything or been on a winning team and a woman with lots of taste, who made 1 bad choice, who do they choose? Ha. Of course the jerk, since he would provide a much better TV. And the judges can repeat 1000 times that producers have no say in the elimination. Right. And I am the Queen of England.

Todd is annoying, Jonathan is becoming more and more annoying with each episode. Kelly is...inexplicable. I watch the show for Margaret. :-)

I am rooting for Goil too, but as he doesn't have much drama potential, and as the judges do not seem to consider the past achievements on the show as one of the criteria in their choices, I am not hopeful for his future.

End of rant. :-)

tmp00 said...

What's worse is that the show is freaking BORING. Practically everything on there is just subtly wrong: the way they film the PDC makes it look like a mall, the music is terrible, the "rooms" they construct look like they are done in some ramdom sub-basement or the parking garage. The judges? I love Jonathon Adler, but if I have to hear "See you later, decorater" one more time I may have to hurl. Kelly Wearstler's hair this week? Please, she's going to give design tips? Never mind her outfit from last week: knee socks with pumps went out with Baby Jane Hudson. Margaret Russell is not convincing me either. The judges can say what they want- the producers are so calling the shots. How can they can one contestant for not giving the client what they want, and then give the win to another who did the same thing? Client wanted storage, client got bubkis, annoying woman got win.

I don't think I'll be sticking with this one; I'm already so uninterested that I won't stay up for it. I've been watching it the next day.

elle said...

OK, this is making me feel much better. But...I *adore* Jonathon - very disturbing that he's doing anything annoying. Must go extract details from M. Will have to check pics for Kelly's outfits and hair.

tmp00 said...