Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 7th annual Basenotes awards are in, and I am happy to write that the blog I contribute to Perfume Smellin' Things has taken the bronze medal for perfume blogs. I am very happy for Columbina's achievement, and proud of my small contribution to it. The Gold and Silver winners as well as all the worthy nominees are at the Basenotes site. One of these days when I get back East, I am totally making these ladies meet me at the Algonquin for cocktails!


colombina said...

I'd be upset if we didn't get to meet for cocktails and maybe some perfume shopping :-)
So you crossed to the dark side of the new blogger too? I love how the blog looks wider somehow.

elle said...

Tossing MKK scented confetti!!! Congrats for your part in getting the award! :-) They definitely should have had a guest blogger category for which you would undoubtedly have taken gold.

tmp00 said...


They forced me!

tmp00 said...