Monday, February 04, 2008

Bloggers are cheap-a$$ whores!

Gaia, The Non-Blonde mentions an article in The August New York Times that points out that there are beauty bloggers who are in it for the free stuff.

No doubt The Times will also be filing a hard-hitting expose that the Tooth Fairy is actually your mother and that the Easter Bunny doesn't really bring you candy.

Right after they point out that Allure never tells you that Blue Sugar smells like deep-fried licorice, Vogue never mentions it when eyeshadow creases up in use or that Mademoiselle doesn't mention that to some Angel smells like Chocolate Vomit. Nope, that would be those silly profit driven bloggers. Because we all know that fashion rags, whose business model is the editorial BJ are as reliable as Consumer Reports, right?

Oh, and if those editors of the August Times are reading (because I am nothing if not the king of the self-important delusion), I got that sample of Blue Sugar for free. I'll bet Sephora is simply mad with rage...


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