Monday, January 28, 2008

The Quiet Riot of the Adults

Have you noticed that quietly Hollywood has been releasing new thrillers that are rated PG-13? The Eye is one of the newest ones, joining Cloverfield and others in the parade of new movies that are coming out without an "R" rating.

Why do you think that is? Years ago, an "R" rating was de rigeur as the badge of the "adult" thriller. These days, with splatter porn like "Hostel" or "Saw VIII" out there, I think that adults like me just aren't going to subject themselves to what is rated "R" these days. (pulling on his old man pants) Back when I was a kid, movies like "Eyes of Laura Mars", "Cat People", "Ghost Story" and "The Shining" were rated "R" and I think for good reason at the time; not that they were just gory, they were disturbing. I can go to for instance "There Will Be Blood" knowing that I am going to see a movie that's got a point to it, so the "R" is besides the point. The splatter porn "R"'s I am not willing to spend twenty bucks on; Mister Roth might think that the fact that he can bring a degree of realism to his "Cleveland Chain-Saw Enema" previously unavailable to filmmakers doesn't mean that I'm willing to pony up the money for something that looks like a snuff film.

All hail the PG-13!

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