Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's get litigious!

The brouhaha over a certain perfumer has gotten some play on the internets, including posts at Basenotes and at several blogs. Most of the opinion is rather anti-the big company; I humorously propose some other people who should get cease and desist orders:

Northampton, Massachusetts

You don't go calling yourself Noho and expect to get away with it...

Ina Garten

Lady, you don't go running around telling people you live in the Hamptons and wearing shirts the color of their perfume bottle unless you want to be in a world of hurt. They are also trademarking "Fabulous", "Barefoot" and the concept of a hot, greying gay best friend, so watch it...

The City of Riverside

Clearly they mean to obfuscate the brand Riverside Drive.


While they might have decided to retire the Pentastar logo, they still put out cars called "New Yorker" and "Fifth Avenue". As we now are aware, all names having anything to do with the county of New York and it's environs are property of that company in perpetuity.


They know what they did....

Chelsea Clinton, Chelsea Football Club, and Chelsea Massachusetts

Massachusetts better be careful; they're treading on mighty thin ice here....


Too darned close to the bottle shape by half.


Tilting at windmills to sue an element? Well tilt away!

image from New Mexico State University Fire Safety Program

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