Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Don't take Dogs

I just saw a commercial from Pedigree dog food that mentioned that they are giving money to a dog adoption program.  It's framed something like this: "Pete and Barbara got a new apartment... one that doesn't take dogs." and then cuts to the fact that Bowser is in a cage.

Okay, I am going opening myself up to serious flames here, in that I have found that some people who are very much into pets are into them because they are unable to actually deal with human relationships.  They will forgive the fact that Mr. Biggles pees on the Aubusson but gawd forbid that the actual boyfriend behaves badly.  Unconditional love, even if it rubs its ass across your carpet is fine; other person who has their own needs, opinion and annoying tendency to leave the seat up and look better in your purple cashmere v-neck is not.

Having written that I simply cannot get behind the mind-set that considers pets disposable.  I don't have a pet because I cannot and do not wish to take the time necessary for their physical and mental upkeep; I don't want to get up early to walk a dog, I'm allergic to cats and basically I don't want to share a bed with any mammal who isn't paying half the rent and once in a while telling me I am pretty.  But, Pete and Barbara, you were the ones to bring Mr. Biggles home.  You were the ones to take on that commitment.  That commitment is for life.  If you are the sort of person who can drop off that commitment at the pound at the first sign of it being inconvenient, I can only hope that you will have the appropriate tubes tied.  I cannot think what gentle mercies you would subject your children to...

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