Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The failure of the information superhighway..

Right now as I type it's 9:45 pm and I really should be thinking about bed.  But there are two helicopters buzzing my house and police cars blocking both sides of the alley on my block.  Why?  I don't know.  I know that this won't make the papers in the AM.  I have to ask why?  The papers are wondering why readers are turning away from them- well for me this is the reason.  I want to know local news.  I want to know why there are helicopters and squad cars on my usually peaceful block in the "industrial triangle" area of Beverly Hills.  I want to know this even if BritLoHo isn't the cause.  I realise that all of this cannot be in the paper, would it kill you to have it online?  The papers website wants to tell me what's new and cool in my neighborhood.  I can find that out by, I don't know, going outside?  Besides, if some old chromo at The Times or the Daily News or the Beverly Hills Weekly has heard about it it's not that cool anymore.  Heck, if my flat, middle aged a$$ has heard about it it's not that cool.

Note to the media- WE WANT NEWS!!  I want to read about street closures in my neighborhood.  I want to know why it's now nearly 10 and I am going to have to watch the "Runway" reunion or hit myself over the head with a brick to achieve unconsiousness because I am apparently an extra in "Apocalypse Now".  Blogs are nice.  Sudoku is peachy.  That in-depth portrait of the arch of Nicole Kidman's eyebrows from 2000-2008?  Just ducky.  But here's a radical idea: you're a newspaper.  Tell us what the fu#k is going on!

Image from lapd

Well looky looky, it made the papers!  If it bleeds it leads, I guess..

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