Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poltergeist is on..

It is of course a classic.

And it's one of the short list of movies in which Beatrice Straight was in.  Of course, she won the Oscar for Network, which was richly deserved.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because Ms. Straight was a regular customer at Rizzoli when I was the buyer there.  I witnessed her descent into Alzheimer's, and as sad and horrific as that disease can be I can only hope that if it's my fate that I can go the way she did.  I don't know how she was in private, but in her visits to the store she was filled with love.  Things were wonderful, the store was beautiful, I was so handsome with my bright blue eyes.

Never mind that they're green.  I wear lots of blue and they change depending upon my shirt.

I'd look at this ginger-haired lady in excellent care, with her hot blue eyes drawing me in and wonder is where she is better?  Certainly if I have to go to Alzheimer's I would like to go to the pleasant place she did.

Somehow I think I'd be more Violet Venable.  Since I was never able to put off Sebastian in my yoof...

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