Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tagged again!

Now I've been tagged by Caitlin from Legerdenez!

So I'll add six more random facts:

I HATE to dust.  I'll do the dishes, the laundry and I'll scrub the sink.  But dusting I hate.

I prefer to walk rather than drive, within reason.  Like two miles.  

I like chocolate, but I prefer cheese.

I collect old phones.  I have four or five.  In a one-bedroom apartment.  I think the collection is complete.

I love cars and can pretty much name the make, year and model of anything practically made (certainly in America) from about 1950 on.

I'm a very light sleeper.

I'm not going to tag six more people, though..

Image: one of my phones, courtesy one of my other phones


Cait said...

I am glad that I got more things out of you.

ScentScelf said...

Phone-to-phone imagery is oh-so "meta"...very nice. ;)

Hmmm...I like dusting, but could easily do without scrubbing the bathtub. I have a lovely teal AT&T standard rotary dial phone that I hang onto because I regret not taking my grandparents' phone, which was the generation after the one in your picture.