Sunday, November 02, 2008


I'm watching a TLC special on "Purity Balls" and I am ambivalent.  I think that it's a wonderful thing that children are taught that sexuality is a gift and that empty, meaningless coupling is, well empty and meaningless.  I wonder why this seems to be so female-focused however.  Now granted, I am a mean old man willing to see worms under rocks that aren't there, but the whole Jon Benet-ness of giving a twelve year old a burgundy strapless gown to celebrate her purity seems a bit odd.  But aren't there guys in on this?

I mean, I think that discretion, a sense of self worth and good taste are a wonderful thing.  I'd like to think that I not only have it but had inculcated it into the few people whom I'd influenced.

I just can't think that the few people I'd influenced would believe that I would tell them to test drive cars before buying ones but to commit to a husband without knowing him.  I don't think at 20 you can know him...


the oblitterati said...

Huh huh, "purity balls"!

"Purity" is one of those words that makes me shudder. Blame the dairy council but I always associate it with dairy products and their tainted counterparts. Andre Serrano was able to visually articulate this concept quite viscerally in the '80's and has the NEA battle scars to prove it. So I completely agree, foisting this whole megilla on 12 year old girls is a bit unsavory, but then again maybe some people are into that kind of thing.

tmp00 said...

yes, that's the thing. There was a really creepy vibe to it.