Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shipping woes

Or, they're all out to get me

another unattractive whinge

One of the promises of the internets is that one can order stuff and have it shipped magically to your home.

Of course, UPS and FedEx are useless if you like me live in an apartment.  You see, the boys at those shipping companies have to make a call as to whether they want to leave your package at your front door, and none of them will do so at my apartment.  Since it can be seen.  Like if you are standing at my front door.  I live you see on the second floor of a Monterey Colonial building that is behind a large Mediterranean; you would have to be about 23 feet tall to see that package left at my door.  If I had a house, they would apparently not have a problem leaving my package.  Even though my front door would be visable from the street.  Which leaves the Post Office.

The Post Office offers all sorts of wonderful features like tracking and priority mail.  I don't capitalize that since I was told by a post office employee that priority mail entails a nice envelope, some marketing and fond hopes.

In any case, I ordered a nice sample of something from the Perfumed Court, tracking its progress.  It arrived about a month ago at my post office.  It never arrived here.  After about 836 phone calls to various disinterested parties from an 800 number to practically the Postmaster General, I finally got a weary call back from the post office letting me know that I would have to tell the shipper that they should make a claim.

So thanks Post Office.  I'll just sit here without my sample of Musc Nomade a week from my birthday.

Oh, and can I have please a job where actual performance of ones only duty isn't factored in to my job description?  Please?


the oblitterati said...

Alas, nomads care not for such bourgeois concepts as real estate, apartments and package delivery. Your sample has followed the trade winds and is currently anointing one of Rachel Zoe's beloved canines.

the oblitterati said...

Also, Happy Birthday!

tmp00 said...

Rachel Zoe? Yikes! Did she think it was a new flavored GHB or something?

Seriously, what is that woman about? She dissed Anna Wintour!?! Wintour eats beeyotches like her for lunch, "black and blue" with no bun...

tmp00 said...

From QuinnCrestive, who couldn't post because dumba$$ blogspot won't let wordpressers on

Send your mail to my place. I can be gone on a business trip for 5 days, and the post office, Fed-Ex, the pizza place and Jehovah's Witnesses will pile up stuff in front of my door like the tower of Shopping Babel.

My apartment is the one that everyone mistakes for the super's, it's so close to the street. On the ground level. The place looks like a cross between a Goodwill and a Best Buy (but with books and perfume). I'm often shocked that no one just backs up a U-Haul and steals it all.

tmp00 said...


That's the rub! My front door cannot be seen unless you're on top of it. Grrr.