Thursday, December 04, 2008

There's a new Wii commercial

With a woman in a spectacular house with a crazy view and a fireplace playing Wii with a friend.  Because why bother to actually interact with a human?  Or enjoy your view?  Or enjoy a fire in your million dollar house?  No.  Wave a plastic stick.

So much better than actually interacting with actual carbon-based life forms..


ScentScelf said...

Remember the first commercials, where a couple of guys show up at various people's doorsteps, hold out the plastic controller, and ask "Want to play?"

It seems the pod invasion is successful, and we have now disconnected.

I would talk with you more via this virtual superhighway, but I need to go improve my personal best on the virtual ski jump.l

tmp00 said...

Honestly, I think I am just purely jealous that I can't have that seriously cool house..