Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I like Cats better than Dogs.

There, I said it.

Despite the fact that I have become in my early hundreds allergic to cats, to the point that without an Aqua-net sized Albuterol inhaler I will whorf like a Kirby with an over-full bag, I love them.  I love that when you get affectionate with them they look at you with pity because you're too clingy.  I even love that they decide that they have to express their undying affection for you the exact moment that you haven't saved the 36 hours of work on an incredibly complicated spreadsheet or career-making PowerPoint by jumping onto the keyboard, pressing CTRL/ESC/Enter, preening and giving you a melting look that says "yes, I have destroyed your career, but at the moment I adore you, and if you don't want me to treat your Prada as my litterbox you will pet me.

Of course Dogs do this, and they get off Scott(ie)-free.  At the risk of provoking Dog lovers,  you will put up with Fido actually chowing down on your Prada, peeing (or worse) on the rug and yet still waking you up at ungodly hours for a walk.

That, and the fact that they bark.  Every minute you aren't home.  Trust me on this.

Image of Giselle from The Non Blonde


Existentialist said...

And what color lipstick is kitty considering? A little dark, methinks. I love dogs, but they do have a sort of oafishness that can be irritating. My biggest complaint about dogs is their owners and the behavior that occurs in public places like parks. I have no desire to be jumped on or herded.

My verification code is "catessne", which sounds like Greek for something feline.

Anita said...

I've always loved cats, but had to choose between a cat and my husband years ago. As he's a dog person, I've had a couple of dogs that I've deeply loved over our years together, and we were seriously looking for a new adoptee in our lives when a cat adopted us instead. After several months, both husband and myself are completely smitten and can't imagine our little house without the cat. Total joy.