Friday, December 19, 2008

Memo to Guy Fieri:

It's days before 2009.

"Swingers" was released on October 18th, 1996.  By October 19th that year it was no longer cool to refer to something as being "money" unless there was a denomination and a picture of a dead President on it.  This was also about the time that the short, bleached spiky 'do had been abandoned by straight guys (the gays had passed it on about four years earlier, along with the board shorts and combat boots look).  Twelve years, Guy.  Time to move on.

Guy, you're 40.  I realise that you don't want to go gentle into that good night, but must you rage against the dying of the light in that outfit?

Just a thought.

Photo credit:  Wikipedia


avonladyinmadera said...

Sadly you have no life. No life to even find anything remotely important enough to do except bash a successful man on the food network lmao!

tmp00 said...
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