Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smell good...

Okay, I don't kid myself about how many people read this blog or are waiting with bated breath for my latest rant.  But can I just write how much I am in love with this scent?  I wrote on Marina's site about how much I enjoyed it; this was after having it for a week.  Much like finding, or better recognising that a casual acquaintance will be a lifelong friend or that a momentary passion could be a lifelong love I think that this one will be as much a permanent part of my own collection (and daresay a hit for Annick Goutal) as Eau d'Hadrien.  That's saying (well writing...) a lot.  Annick Goutal was arguably the first Niche perfumer, surfacing in the very early 80's in the Americas, for me at Bergdorf Goodman in an era when more was decidedly more.  I've certainly exhaustively covered the whole era here, so there's no need to rehash.  I've also written about the other three in the Orientalistes line here, any one of which are not only worthy additions to the line, but a balls out (pardon the phrase) notice that not only is Annick Goutal is BACK, but she ain't taking a backseat to anyone.  Frederick Malle?  Serge Lutens?  L'Artisan?  Uhh, yes, she is looking at you.

Musc Nomade is divine: a skin that you want to wear, smooth, tanned and slightly salt-licked.  Scrupulously clean but ripe and succulent, and with not one extra note to detract from your own fabulousness.

Available only at the lovely and kind Miss Tio's website, as are so many delights, but for the life of me I can't find where?  If I hear from her I'll update..

PS- this is an aside to posting on Marina's site, I just don't think that repeats should post there.  In this case the repeat was worthy..


the oblitterati said...

You terrible tease! I have imagined to ignore this temptation so far, but then you bust out the "salt licked" and I have to take a trip to Bergdorff.

tmp00 said...

Ooooh- I hate to tell you this but it's not there yet (that I know of) I think it's not out 'till September.

The Perfumed Court has decants though..