Monday, July 21, 2008

Kath and Kim are coming to America..

Sadly not this Kath and Kim. These two are the real, the original ones from the hoot-and-a-half Australian show which could briefly be seen by the six of you who had Trio, the digital-cable station that flared briefly and died too soon. NBC is doing a new version which looks to have drained any of the humor of the Aussie version.

Why do they do these? Who knows. I am sure that there are layers of stuff that, not being from down under I am missing. The sad thing is that American TV rarely manages to take one of these and better them by Americanizing them. Here's hoping that someone from Australia takes pity upon us poor yanks and offers a region-free DVD of this series and soon. Or better yet, Bravo could shove aside one of the 8 bazillion repeats of "Date my Ex" to show this gem..


image: New Zealand Herald


Flora said...

So, you think just maybe we have a few too many bad reality shows clogging the "cablewaves" these days? I wish we could make room for a few quality imports, whether Brit, Aussie, or any other country.

Kath & Kim sounds like a blast just the way it is, and I shudder to think of how it will be ruined. Blechh!

tmp00 said...

I will in no way point to that bad pirate bay download place that will let you watch the original, hilarious episodes. That you would buy if we could on DVD because we really would. Because they are that funny. Really.