Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kelley has posted an interview with me on Marina's blog asking me various and sundry questions, including what fragrances I would want if I was on stranded on a desert island.

Which brought up the notion, I think I'd go nuts on a desert island! No internet? No instant messaging? No iPod? No Netflix? No PHONE!?!?!

Worse yet, there would be all that sun! It may strike some of you as absurd that someone who went well out his way to go and live in sunny SoCal doesn't like direct sunlight, but I don't. My natural skin color makes a glass of part-skim look like a deep, dark savage tan, and I have learned long ago that there is no process natural or otherwise that's going to change that. I am also long past the age (ahem) where I am going to risk my ever more tenuous yoof on something as silly as a tan, so the few times I have been to a pool I have, to the merriment of my friends, basically covered up as much as a good Islamic female. Nothing showing. In the last few years of convertible ownership, the top didn't come down until the sun was well over the yard-arm, and the car was stocked with more sunscreen than your average Sephora. I am even beginning to come around to the idea that it's nicer when it gets dark earlier, since there's less of that nasty light I have to deal with.

Of course I am writing this huddled away, facing a long August holiday weekend where the temps will be unto the hundred mark, and I won't be at work in the heavy AC. Come winter, I will be whining that I hate coming home in the dark and the rain is depressing and I'm cold and I don't want to get out of bed in the morning, because although I do not tan, I do complain. I whinge therefore I am.

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