Friday, August 24, 2007

Celebrity Justice?

Lindsay goes to jail, for a day. Nicole goes to jail, for 82 minutes. The details of Mel Gibson's hate-fill drunken rant is released to the media, and the Sheriff's department want to punish the leaker.

Welcome to Celebrity Justice.

Want to bet what would have happened to you, me, or any other regular Joe if we habitually crash our cars without benefit of a license, get high and drive the wrong way on the freeway, or get blotto and refer to the arresting offices ethnicity in a manner better left to a Grand Wizard at a KKK meeting? Somehow I don't think it would be 82 minutes at Lynwood. Do you?


HamsLife said...

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You have a point Pansy and it is one that needs to be said.

I was looking down at your other posts and it looks like you have some strong opinions. That is great.

I too have some strong opinions. They may not always be right but there are things we need to say.

The blog where I rant is and I would like to ad a link to your blog if you would like for me to.

tmp00 said...


I read your blog, and while we are most likely poles apart politically, I see we do agree on some things.

If you would like to add a link, please do.