Sunday, September 02, 2007

We're having a heat wave

I hate heat. I really hate heat with humidity. I hate how I get when it's too freaking hot out: I just want to bite people. I do (thanks to my good friend and fellow heat-o-phobe Sue) have an air-conditioner, but when your building has been marinating in 100 plus temps for the better part of the day, the only AC that's going to make a difference better be the size of a Camaro.

This weekend was freaking NASTY. I hid out as I could, went to the movies and wished that I had a big old Cadillac to drive around in, one of those ones with the automatic climate control that basically throws shaved ice at you.

I cannot wait for winter, failing that, to get back to work with it's arctic AC.


leopoldo said...

Poor ole Tommo. Methinks you need a lithe young thing to slide ice cubes over your torso.

tmp00 said...

Well, now that the temps have dropped that sounds nice. A few days ago anyone else in the place would have to have a body temp not over 65 degrees or I would have asked them to leave...