Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Weather Report, part Deux

Well, the lows are still near freezing and the highs are not even in the mid-fifties. For those of you who read (and if you don't, I don't know you) Thom Racina wrote a wonderfully fun book called Deep Freeze, positing the question what would happen if Los Angeles was hit by a blizzard? Answers: lots of really entertaining bad stuff that Irwin Allen would not have had the money to put on film, but makes for a really enjoyable read. Well, it was until I realised this weekend that my house has all the insulating power of a pair of fishnet stockings....

So what's your favorite disaster movie/book? I think I covered my own personal disaster movie moment, what's yours?


elle said...

Will have to read that book. I'm afraid I can't think of any disaster movies or books. :-( I'm a mystery sl*t. Currently reading Aaron Elkins' latest Gideon Oliver, Unnatural Selection.
Scary moment you lived through in 94! My best friend moved to LA that day and that was her welcome present for her first night there. :-) When I was a child we lived in two major earthquake areas, Iran and Guatemala. In Iran we had our garage collapse and pool destroyed during one quake and in Guatemala I'd wake up regularly to find my bed sliding away from the wall. I sort of came to take that for granted in a wierd way - probably because my parents were so casual about it (which I don't understand now) and I just chose to adopt their attitude. But I'd be beyond terrified to be in a high rise during a quake.

tmp00 said...

Actually, we live (in New England) over a minor fault, and my bed was on wheels so occasionally I'd have the same thing happen.

They say that a high-rise (the newer ones) are the safest place to be since they are built to survive the quake, but I am not too sure about that. I mean, the furniture isn't bolted down, couldn't that gob-smack you?

What a welcome present!