Saturday, January 20, 2007

Time Warner Cable has customer service that makes Adelphia seem like being cared for by your loving grandmother. Cable has been out in my area for the past 3 hours, and all of TW's customer representative have moved to Alpha Centauri or something. After being cut off 10 times, I have now been on hold for about an hour and a half.

Monday I call the dish network people.

Is it any better where you live?


elle said...

No. They are evil. Just pure arrogant evil. Not only do they have crap service, but due to our TW, we are the only people in the Western world who do not get Bravo (as in Promect Runway). Oddly enough, I found Brian commiserating deeply w/ me on this the other day, only to later discover that his real interest was in some sports network that would carry local teams' games if we switched to dish so that I could get to see PR at the same time as everyone else and not months later on DVD. If it were not for having to switch our internet connection, we'd be on dish as of yesterday.

tmp00 said...

Don't get Bravo!?! I'd switch in a heartbeat! Miss "Runway"? "Top Chef"? Not a chance!

I'm looking forward to Todd Oldhams show as well, MAJOR chance for diva behavior from the contestants (the only person more diva-like than a dress designer is a chef, and the only one more diva-like than a cook is an interior designer..), but Todd is cute as paint!

elle said...

OMG. No!!! I've *got* to see Todd's new show. Did you see his home featured in February's Metropolitan Home? No surprise - extremely cool. If we don't switch to dish, I shall just have to chain myself to the doors of TW till they can see reason.

tmp00 said...

I would consider the dish: the only time it craps out is in seriously inclement weather.

Other than that, it may show up on iTunes.