Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm cross-posting this here as well as having sent it along to Columbina, because, you know, I get so much more traffic than she does. I also can speak fluent Italian, still have a 30 inch waist, and can fly.

Don't wake me up, k?

For those of you visiting or living in the Los Angeles area, a selection of CB I Hate Perfume scents (including Mr Hulot's Holiday, Russian Caravan Tea and the infamous Musk Reinvention are now available at All Purpose, a new store at 144 South Flores (between Crescent Heights and La Cienega a few steps north of 3rd street. It's a lovely store featuring beautiful menswear, bags and accessories (which are of course unisex). The owners are in talks with Christopher Brosius to create a signature scent exclusive to the store (I'm not telling tales out of school, it's on their site), which I am already salivating to try. Luckily Alessandro, the nice man who I believe co-owns the store didn't comment on my obvious geek-fandom moment when he mentioned it. With ScentBar being about two blocks away at Beverly Blvd., Santa Maria Novello on Melrose Place and Apothia at Fred Segal on Melrose and Crescent Heights, that part of West Hollywood is now officially sniff-central

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