Thursday, June 27, 2013


Today, Wednesday I awoke to a State where one of my rights which had been taken away by a popular vote was reinstated. It's not a right that I was in any danger of exercising. It was not my right to vote, my rights concerning age discrimination or my rights concerning the fact that I cannot be fired in California simply for being gay although in 29 other states I can be. I was my right to marry the person I might love.

I know that there are people who honestly feel that the sanctity of marriage is compromised by this ruling, but it's not the job of the state to sanctify anything- that's what a church is for. I neither wish to nor expect to walk down the aisle at Good Shepherd until the church decides to allow it, if they ever do. If I meet someone and wish to, I'll do it at city hall. The idea that I actually might have the option to marry says absolutely nothing about anything but my civil rights. Why are stable, long-term same=sex couples denied the right to marry when Kardashians and Britneys can do so on a whim and back out in a few days?

The day Obama was elected was a happy one for this Democrat. However it was tempered by the headlines that Prop 8 was (barely) passed. My straight friends and colleagues (the democrats anyway) were so happy. I was too, but there was that nagging "get to the back of the bus" thing that took some of the sweetness out of the day. Today's ruling was sweet indeed.

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