Sunday, April 25, 2010

Todd Haynes remakes a classic- sort of..

This is something you don't see every day: New York standing in for Los Angeles. is showing pictures of the location filming of Todd Haynes version of the classic Mildred Pierce for HBO with Madison Avenue and 26th standing in for downtown Los Angeles.

I'm looking forward to seeing it; it's not precisely a remake of the 1945 movie, it's a more faithful adaptation of the original book (mouse over the inviso-text for spoilers). In the book there is no murder, Veda becomes a successful opera singer and runs off with Monty Beragon leaving Mildred to the ruins of her business and an uncertain future with her first husband (/inviso-text).

I like Todd Haynes work a lot and Kate Winslet pretty much can do no wrong. The production (looking at the stills) looks like it will be spot-on. This might make me get HBO...

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