Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Seduce Me"

I love Isabella Rossellini. She's lovely and obviously smart, and doesn't buy into the Hollywood idea that when you're 50 you have to look 27, or that when you're 50 and refuse to try to look 27 you have to retreat into a life of sexless old-womantude. She's out with a new set of short films on the sex life of various creatures from bed bugs to garter snakes called "Seduce Me" which can be seen online. I suppose it's too racy for TV, since it doesn't shy away from depicting the sex act albeit with puppets (don't ask, just click. Just don't do it at work). Rossellini also doesn't mince words: she uses the P and the V word. I don't know; I'm enough a product of my upbringing as a proper clutch-the-pearls New Englander not to, well, clutch the pearls. But there is a big part of me that is not only completely charmed but also thinks that it's healthier to be able to use the words and admit that we know about the process. After all, the moral choice not to indulge is a lot more noble if you know exactly in what you're not indulging, yes?

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This was so delicious! And Sra Isabella is delicious, too!