Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well, we saw. Suddenly "Top Design" got a good review for an episode that frankly was not very interesting. Of course, they had to snark about Kelly Wearstler latest hair-and-fashion cry for a 48 hour stay under clinical observation. But really, who could avoid it? What's next week? Baby Jane ringlets coupled with a tube top and skort? Bride of Frankenstein 'do with pasties and a bustle? Culottes, peasant top and a pink Afro?

Really, isn't there some point where a contestant is just going to tell this woman that when she looks like one of the ghouls in "Carnival of Souls" (albeit tanned) that maybe her design ideas are kindsa suspect?


Well, "Work Out" is back, so that's something...

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colombina said...

I did think that this episode was marginally less boring than the rest of them, but that just maybe because The Scary Tom was there, even though he, sadly, didn't do or say much. I also thought Andrea's room was really good.

I was very much into Workout last season. Undoubtedly I'll keep watching the second one :-)