Friday, March 16, 2007

Whither Bravo?

It has been announced that one of my favorite websites, Television Without Pity has been acquired by Bravo. Whether this will cause TWoP to suddenly decide that Top Design is suddenly not sliding into an unwatchable snooze, we'll just have to see. But the picture of the Bravo Pres says more "Diss my shows and I will eat your dog" than it does "Welcome to the Family"

Is it me, or do these shows become more and more silly as time goes on? Top Design so far is the worst: you thought those chefs were megalomaniacs? Take a gander at some of the venal pinheads on this show. Goil has been vaguely human, and even he is skating close to the edge. Judges? Oy. Do they make their judgements using tea leaves or just rely on a Magic 8 Ball?

Worse yet, Bravo seems to think that once they have one of these series, they must repeat it endlessly: I never bother to stay up and watch the first showing of anything on that network. I know that merely channel surfing I will be seeing Goil a'weeping away for like the next three months. Perhaps years if there is a sophmore season.

Of course, Bravo knows a good thing when they see it. They seize the opprortunity. What's sad is that they not only seize it, they strangle it, truss it up, cook it and force you to eat the leftovers. Forrever. Next up is something called Shear Genius, which seems like a less interesting mix of the usual formula of Top Whatever and Oxygens surprisingly watchable and peppy Tease. This looks interesting only because A) Jaclyn Smith has made a deal with the devil (I've seen her at my local Coffee Bean and she looks 35 tops) and B) they did not involve either unbearbly grating Jonathon Antin or the obnoxious dude he fired in the first season of his show.

I like Bravo, I really do. I've watched it since it only had reruns and James Lipton. I seriously want to marry Tim Gunn, or failing that have him adopt me, a la "Auntie Mame". but really guys, stop it. Before there's "Top Poodle Groomer" or "Top Grocery Bagger"


colombina said...

"What's sad is that they not only seize it, they strangle it, truss it up, cook it and force you to eat the leftovers" Hear! Hear!
Top Design sucketh beyond all belief. I am, however, still looking forward to Project Runway and even Top Chef. But I do not want any more shows made in the same format. No Top Hairdressers, Plumbers or indeed Designers.

tmp00 said...

I'll watch Runway and Chef, but they still have the issue of showing things far too much. There's never any need to stay up and watch it at night (I work early). I also wonder if TWoP will stop having recaplets the day after..

elle said...

I still am hoping we get Bravo some time in the very near future, but you are making the wait a bit more bearable. I was totally unaware of that Tease show on Oxygen, which we do get. Must check it out!

tmp00 said...

Like I wrote, I'll most likely watch Runway and Chef. Top Design I have ceased to care about and the new Hairdo thingy looks pretty ghastly.

katiedid said...

I hope twop keeps their whole site environment together in a respectable manner. I'm just peeved because the pixel challenges have been shut down since the takeover, and that's easily the funniest section of the forums. Eh, we'll see. Didn't they buy Fametracker, too? Don't remember now. I wonder if Bravo will fire up the old forum for that site again.