Sunday, December 31, 2006


Being a curmudgeon, I actually stay home on this night, I'm too cheap to pay $50 to get into a club that I wouldn't normally deign to park in front of, and what with those lovely LA specific drink checkpoints, I tend to leave this night to the party-hearty. This year at Casa Pansy entails Netflix, Fettuccine Alfredo, fresh raspberries, a half bottle of Chardonnay and compliments of my friend Lynn, Borghese Fango treatments for hair and face. I might be hungover for the first day of 2007 but I will be baby-soft.

I sincerely hope you, Constant Reader, have a happy and prosperous 2007.


colombina said...

Sounds like a perfect New Year's Night to me. Just perfect. What was on Netflix?

tmp00 said...

I was going to be Netflix of something called "Another Gay Movie" which was sort of a gay "American Pie". It was pretty terrible however, certainly unworthy of of ringing in the New Year. So I defaulted to "Female Trouble" and "Queen Bee".

A campy New Years Eve at Casa Pansy!

elle said...

I agree w/ Marina. Sounds like the perfect New Year's Eve to me too. And aren't Borghese Fango treatments fun??
Hope you have a wonderful and fabulously scented year and I look forward to many more posts here and on Perfume Smellin' Things from you.

tmp00 said...

thanks Elle!

Fango is wonderful- I wish I had it running from a tap somewhere..