Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford has died. Okay, I will burn in hell, since the guy seemed like a really nice man. He took the spoofs with good humor from Chevy Chase and "The Simpsons" and his wife did wonderful work. I'm not even old enough to not be able to forgive him for pardoning Nixon, but I don't. So there. But I am sad he's gone: he seems like a man that I could have shared a glass with.

However, I am not going to so forgiving when President McCain pardons Bush..


elle said...

I have trouble w/ the Nixon thing as well, but he still seems like the nicest, most genial man...and it costs me a great deal to say that about a Rebublican. I actually cried watching some of the news stories about his life. Love his wife. She had great cojones and great honesty.

tmp00 said...

Yes, she did. And it spoke volumes about the man that he so publicly supported her at a time when a lot of people thought that people should not talk about such things.