Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Los Angeles Times has an article today about how people these days are not going to the movies as much as they used to. They ask patrons at various cinemas around town why this is happening. I think they might have made more of a point of asking people who are leaving Blockbuster, but what do I know? I would think people who are going to the movies, well, go to movies.

In any case they ask "Could it be the prices, the parking, the patrons?".

Ya think?

Here's the reason I don't go to the movies much anymore: the last movie I saw out was the last Star Wars flick. Not only did the tickets cost a whopping $13.50 at the Grove, but you also had to pay two bucks to park. All to sit through about six years of commercials in a crowded theater full of screaming shildren on cell phones (and perhaps, crack) eventually to see a movie so devoid of humor, sweep, interest or anything redeeming at all as to make me think that not only should I get my money back, Hayden Christensen should refunded personally. Naked. Riding a pogo stick. Just for wasting my time.

This is, perhaps why I am rarely asked my opinion for publication.

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