Thursday, January 12, 2006

Celebrity Sightings

The other day my boss decided to take the lunch hour and run off to Larchmont Beauty supply on an errand. Never one to miss a chance to check out that store, I tagged along. My boss got her hair stuff, and I got a green tea iced blended.

On our way back to her car, she spotted a minor celeb from "House" I believe having lunch and loudly babbling into his cell phone. I didn't see him, but it made me remember some of the celeb sightings I've had here in the years I've lived in LA.

Some of the most memorable:

Faye Dunaway having coffee at a restaurant in West Hollywood. Contrary to reports, she was very gracious to her server (me- this was when I first moved here), and very low-key. She also looked to be about 35, tops.

Following a scary-skinny girl up Robertson when meeting a friend at the Newsroom. This woman looked like CGI she was so thin. Sinew and bone wrapped in Juicy Couture. As I turned to enter the restaurant, she looked over at me and gave me the most winning smile. Lara Flynn Boyle. She had the most lovely skin, but darlin', eat something.

And perhaps the best star sighting ever...

I was meeting my friend at (the now sadly defunct) Tail O' the Pup for a hot dog in West Hollywood. There was an enormous black Mercedes landaulet from the '50's out in front, and happily, delicately munching one of Tail O's finest was...

Ella Fitzgerald.

That's why I love LA

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