Saturday, November 19, 2005

This is rich

It seems that another porn-obsessed white guy has found a new threat the the nations youths: iPorn.

Yes, little Johnny and Jenny aren't just using that iPod to get parent approved tunes on there, they're downloading "Debbie Does Dallas".

He writes However, the ability of parents to monitor is seriously undermined if their children quickly can download adult content onto their iPods and then take it away from the home for easy viewing elsewhere

Currently, the only thing you can download to the iPod is from the iTunes music store. Access to the store can be limited by parents. If little Johnny has figured out how to rip a DVD and stuff it onto his iPod, by-passing DRM's and coding it so it will actually play, well, you have one problem with him watching porn, but then again, he is ready for M.I.T.. So that's something.

He continues Yet, iPods are becoming so ubiquitous and are so small, they are an easy vehicle for bringing pornography into the workplace. Employees discreetly could try to view pornography away from the watch of others.

Only by people who are seriously looking to get fired. Most companies are more interested in what you are putting on thier machines, not yours. That's why they block you from downloading or attaching practically anything. If I turn off my computer I have to have IT come and re-attach my CDRW drive that I use for work.

He makes the point that parents should closely monitor what kids put on their pods. I'm not a parent, but I think of little Johnny got it together to purchase himself a $300 iPod (because the most he'd get from cheapo Pansy is a Shuffle), he's adult enough to be trusted not to have stuff he shouldn't on there. Or at least discreet enough to keep it to himself.

Maybe it's best I'm not a parent. I'd be more disturbed by little Johnny wanting a copy of "Carmaggedon" or "Grand Theft Auto" than video of people boinking.

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Lily said...

Well, I think you make the point well about the ridiculous response to these hysterics. Sort of like when the camera cell phone came out and everyone emailed their friends about people on line at stores snapping pictures of your credit card ( does a better job at debunking that one, I won't bother)
There are always people who will scratch their heads and say hmmm... without actually looking at the logistics. There are natural barriers- not buying the gadgets in the first place, controlling internet content, monitoring downloads or changing settings, etc. The ones that play video are way too expensive to pass as a kid toy and I don;t care who you are. (I'm with pansy, a shuffle MAYBE).
Besides, it remains easy to stuff porn magazines into a bookbag. Or perhaps they want to say that backpacks are suspect too? Hell, why not make them clear?