Monday, April 05, 2010




iM (slightly) impressed

Easter Sunday was a trip to the Grove to take a look at the iPad. I had to wait a bit to test it. I was between two kids playing games on it (but even I have to say that kids are kids, I'm not a total misanthrope) and a hipster who was testing every inch of the thing. Every App, every program, every nuance for like 20 minutes, with people waiting in line. He even opened the spreadsheet and I swear started doing his taxes on it, moving back and forth to see it in portrait and landscape. Luckily one of the kids wandered off before I just took it from him and clocked him with it. I didn't make a thorough (well not as thorough as hipster-boy, who was still playing with it when I left) but in the 3 minutes I looked I could see the point. I have a laptop so I'm not in the market, but I could see getting an iMac and an iPad as the next computer. The iMac for the screen real estate and the iPad for sitting on the sofa checking email. Certainly as a replacement for Kindle, and certainly if I had a kid or a sig other. One person on the computer and one on the iPad on WiFi. I don't have any reason to buy however, especially since I know that in 6 or 8 months there will be a big price drop or big revision with new features, or both.

Image: Apple

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Pudince said...

It's good isn't it. I'm on one now.