Friday, April 29, 2011

"Angel, Angel Down We Go" is on Netflix Streaming..

Many movies are referred to as "rarely seen" and this is one of them.


There are bad movies we love, and there are just bad movies. Produced at the time when studios were trying to capture the youth market, this ham-handed "thriller" involves the plutocratic Steele family: former porn star turned Society Matron (Jennifer Jones, miles past that Oscar), her closet-case Industrialist husband and overweight (as we're told about every 10 minutes) daughter Tara Nicole. Into their lives comes messiah figure/pansexual nutjob Bogart Peter Stuyvesant, and bedlam ensues.

Not much about this is good. For instance, the director isn't content with referring to a character as a cow; he has to cut to a painting of the character's face pasted over a cow, while there are cowbells and mooing on the Soundtrack. This little trick he seems to find completely fascinating and repeats it endlessly. The musical numbers are Partridge Family good and the plot is so determined to shock, shock, shock you that it ends up being laughable.

As laughable as having a movie where Jordan Christopher sings, but Lou Rawls and Holly Near really don't.

Under "Cult of the Damned" on Netflix Streaming, if you dare.

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