Friday, March 18, 2011

"Banksy is Coming to Dinner" is on Netflix streaming.

Joan Collins proves she's not only the most self-aware celeb on the planet, but one with the most self-deprecating sense of humor playing along with this "mocumentary" where a sometimes unpixelated actor (or is he? You judge the layers of meta..) plays infamous street artist Banksy who visits the Collins' "ancestral" home for a dinner party. This might be the reason that "Exit Through the Gift Shop" was so questioned as being real. It's great fun; you'll want an invitation to Joan's table.

Image: internets


Zamboozee said...

I'm sure it's unpixilated, not unpixellated. Of course, it depends on what one is on about.

tmp00 said...

Isn't pixilated meaning eccentric? I thought pixelated was the word for the digital scrambling of a persons face on film or video, as noted here. But you're right that it's a typo, and I'm glad that anyones reading!