Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Grabby? Good..

A friend I met in college in my small hometown in New England was once asked how she felt about the large Lesbian population in the area, if she'd ever been propositioned and how she reacted. I'll always remember her response: "Yes, I have and I politely refused" When pressed about not being annoyed, freaked out or angry at being importuned upon she calmly answered "I take it as a compliment; one day, far sooner than I would like the propositions are going to stop. So I intend to enjoy the fact I'm getting them, no matter how personally inappropriate they might be"

Wise woman..



Flora said...

Great attitude! As one who rarely gets asked anything but the time these days, I concur completely.

tmp00 said...

She did say it would happen faster than one would want. I mean, not that I was that much of a dish, but that last thing I was asked was if there was a cheap sandwich place around. like a Subway. I didn't take offense at the idea that I NEEDED to look for a Subway to survive, but did a bit that the directions I gave to the possible area one would find one was roundly ignored..

Ari@umamit said...

yeah, ilike in story And v