Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth everyone!

Isn't this a marvelous picture? It's from the New York Times showing the Macy's fireworks over the Hudson. Also, the crown of the Statue of Liberty (thanks, France!) is open to visitors again.

I vividly remember watching the fireworks from the roof of my East Village hovel, the World Trade Center framing them and the ones to celebrate the centennial of the Brooklyn Bridge. The fourth was also the date when I first became close friends (as opposed to casual acquaintance) with my best friend of over thirty years long ago at the Three County Fair, my dear Moo.

So I hope that all of you are having a great holiday weekend with those dear to you eating far too much hot dogs and having far too much fun. You can sleep in tomorrow unless you have church, in which case you'll have something physical to repent in addition to spiritual.

Lastly, I'm taking a moment to think about the 233 year history of this nation. It ain't perfect, but it's pretty darned good.

Photo: NYTimes

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