Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pets are people too..

One of my friends wrote me that one of her cats is ill, while another friend has had a bad scare about the health of his dog. While I don't have a pet (adult allergies, and let's face it, an inability to commit) I feel for them. Back in the day, I had roommates who had cats (Nosh and Swash deserve their own posts) and grew up with both. I understand and wholeheartedly support the idea of pets. While I am aware that there are people who are wholly unable to love an actual human and pour all of that undirected affection into Mr. Dribbles, I'd much rather have to interface with them than with anyone who cannot manage an "Awwww" at the photo of a puppy- even if they are as pragmatic as I am and have no desire to actually have to get up in the AM and walk him. Because at least the ability to love is still there. Because at the opposite end of that spectrum serial killers lie.

Personally I've always preferred cats, since they don't need to be walked, don't do the passive-aggressive barking thing (of course there's the p-a peeing thing, but dogs do that too) and being a starchy New England WASP I rather prefer the stand-offishness. Dogs are easy. Dogs are needy. If I am in a relationship with someone that's that needy I want him to be pulling in 6 figures. So I guess my dream date is a cat with a development deal and endless Albuterol

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pitbull friend said...

Oh, Tom, good on ya for knowing yourself. I wish more people did. For too many folks, the dog or cat is the equivalent of the Nordic Track they bought for their New Years' resolution to lose weight - only you can't stick the dog or cat in the corner of the bedroom and fling your clothes over it. As someone who spends much of her free time helping dogs who've become homeless through no fault of their own, I deeply appreciate people who know that they aren't up for taking care of animals and don't try to force themselves to do it anyway. It's funny what you say about dog neediness. Before I had any, I thought my friend's dogs were nuts when I housesat them - WHY ARE THEY FOLLOWING ME EVERYWHERE? But now my own dogs do that and I don't even notice unless I actually fall on them!

I think the world should be grateful also for those of us who didn't really want children and didn't have any! Yay! I'm not producing tomorrow's psychiatrist patients!;>)