Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Haunting in Connecticut

I saw a poster for this new movie starring one of my favorite actresses, Virginia Madsen. From the title I did have a few snide thoughts as to what the haunting would be. The ghost of under-ripe brie? The horror of plaid pants worn with pink polo shirts? The specter of watery gin? But no. it's based on a true story you can read about here.

Like most people I love a good ghost story. However I wouldn't want to live one. Finding out your new home used to be a funeral parlor is weird enough. Finding out it's haunted? Less than fun. For people who think the family is doing it for profit, I think being labeled the town kooks make that an undesirable option for monetizing your life.

The original documentary, called "A Haunting in Connecticut" is available from Netflix and Amazon.

Photo: carmenreed.com

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