Saturday, February 07, 2009

Gloomy Sunday

Or, Storm Watch 2009 Part Deux

The rains continue on and off here in Los Angeles.  There is some flooding in Long Beach, but so far nothing more than some inconvenience.  God knows we need it, and in the smallish and intermittent amounts coming it will nourish the soil, clear the air and leave us snow pack that will allow us to flush our toilets come summer.  What's always amusing here is to visit someplace touristy on the weekend like Santa Monica.  Under todays brisk cloudy skies hardy natives braved the mid 60's temps with layers, boots and umbrellas at the ready.  Tourists could be identified by the shorts and flip-flops.  Because when you're here from Minnesota where the wind chill is below zero, 60 is bikini weather.

Photo: my iPhone

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