Saturday, September 06, 2008

I want to marry this man.  

Or be him.  

Or both.

How can you not love a guy who drives a 1960 Ford Sunliner with the top down even in Winter and named his Sheltie "Snippy"?

Oh, P.S. to Ford: "Sunliner" is a cool name.  Use it again, will you?



TrippleJN said...

Hi "Pansy" (Tom),

I found your blog on Marina's perfume blog.

I'm already happily married, but you do have to love this photo. I'd definitely slow down...(read: watch out pedestrians, she's driving again.) What do you think he should smell like? Just curious...

Shelties can be totally snippy! Good name.


tmp00 said...

SMN Nostalgia? Cartier Roadster?

Flora said...

Tom - I'll fight ya for him. :-D

tmp00 said...


I don't think it would be much of a fight- I get the impression that he's not excaxtly batting for my team...