Sunday, June 29, 2008

I saw Wall-E

This weekend at the theaters at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. The Americana is the new mega-mall in Glendale built by the people who built The Grove in Los Angeles. Both feature simulated town squares with giant fountains with "dancing waters" and stores arranged in a simulacrum of some mythical town square. What makes The Americana stranger is that it's right on the main shopping street of Glendale, sucking people off the actual town square into its relentless maw of consumerism. Believe me that the irony of being in an air-conditioned room full of people wolfing down junk food watching this movie was not lost upon me. Nor was the irony of a company like Disney, who will make a fortune hawking useless, non-biodegradable plastic Wall-E and EVE toys preaching the evils of rampant thoughtless consumerism. I wonder if it was lost upon the good people at Disney...

Image: Wikimedia


the oblitterati said...

I love it! This past weekend, my honey and I were in Providence with some time to kill before meeting a friend for dinner, so we wandered into the Providence Place Mall intending to watch Wall-E. Unlike the outdoor Grove/Americana simularca it subscribes to the late 80's Galleria escalators to hell archetype.

We missed the 4:20 showing of the movie and instead took the skyway to the Westin, and went swimming in their pool. So I tells ya, even the best pre-fab consumer pleasures in life are free.

Still, I'm dying to see Wall-E.

tmp00 said...

We actually had to wait until the 4:30 show because the @:45 was sold out.

You know, I think I still like the 80's enclosed malls better. I don't get this open air thing. It was only about 92 in Glendale that day so it wasn't complete hell, but close. I think I like lack of sunshine and overabundance of AC.