Monday, May 19, 2008

And yet another whinge..

(albeit a short one)

There is a fast food chain out here (Koo Koo Ro0, a "healthy" chicken place that's one of my favorites) that insists upon calling it's customers "guests".  As in, the bored teenager who opens a register to take your order listlessly calls out "Next guest, please"

I know that some MBA out there most likely made it to VP with this bright idea, but you know what?  I am not your guest.  I am paying you.  Were I a guest I would not do that, and I certainly would not ask you to put my dressing on the side.  I am your customer.  As your guest, I hope for your hospitality and culinary skills and are willing to pay for it with lively conversation and not sharing the information that I had chicken for lunch.  As your customer I am paying you in cold hard filthy lucre, and am willing to be vocal in my demands.  Both deserve respect, and deserve restaurant chains that know the difference...

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