Monday, April 07, 2008

The downturn of the Food Network.

I've written before about the Food Porn that is the Food Network, right?  I've noticed that the network seems more interested in having shows with the products of the winners of their reality TV shows recently: less Nigella and Bobby Flay and more Guy Fieri..  Color me snobby, but I don't think that following Guy and his Gay-ten-years-ago bleached crop in a Camaro to visit various point'n'grunts is quite the same level as Julia, or Ina, or Gaida or for that matter hot pockets.  It's to be hoped that the Food Network realises that we want it to be somewhat aspirational: Paula Deen makes me want to visit; I want to spend an afternoon in her warm Southern embrace and have her feed me something caloric and I want Ina to adopt me, or pair me off with the hot gay BFF.  Guy I just want to strap down and force upon his hair some Lazartigue carrot oil and a mousse-ectomy, and perhaps for his own good a colonic or twelve...

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