Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cube Los Angeles

Since I am determined to keep no facet of my life no matter how trivial from the pages of this blog, and I am trying to keep it as fresh as possible I will report that I had dinner Saturday night at Cube, a restaurant on LaBrea Avenue in Hollywood.   It of course helped that I was dining with dear friends and had a nice wine with us, but the food was fantastic.  I had the wild boar tortelloni in browned butter, my friends had wild mushroom ravioli and pizza margherita.  My dessert was a rose infused cheesecake I am determined to steal the recipe for.   My friends had panna cotta with raspberries and balsamic and a wonderful set of home-made donuts.  That's right, donuts.  It wasn't even hugely expensive.  Service was a little spotty (note to waiter, if you take my fork I will need a replacement to eat my entree- I don't eat pasta with my hands.  Not out, anyway)

I will definitely go for more- I'd love to try the cheese tasting menu- they gave us an amuse-bouche that was some sort of Swedish or Norwegian hard cheese whose name I should have written down: HookenFleuvenStrabe or something like, crumbly, tangy and wholly wonderful.

Definitely worth a trip- but bring your own wine. They don't have a bar; they don't charge corkage either.  615 North LaBrea, just south of Melrose.  (323) 939 1148

Photo: Cube Cafe

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