Friday, April 20, 2007

Five trends that must be stopped

5: Uggs

I know the reason that these have stuck around for so long: face it, if all your life the only thing it was chic to wedge your tootsies into were heels, you'd be thrilled that something this comfortable was in fashion. Unfortuanatly, these clunky suede boots are hideous, and completely ridiculous worn someplace like Los Angeles. I'll bet they're looked upon as ridiculous in Australia.

4: Low-hanging pants. I had thought that this statement would have died off years ago, but I am still seeing it on young men. They apparenty feel it makes them look Gansta, but it really makes them look like the recent recipient of a gang-bang. Not butch. Oh, and kids? One day much quicker than you'd like your ass will be down that far naturally. Enjoy having a high, tight one while you can.

3: Tummy tops. Especially if you have a tummy. Girls, they make Paris Hilton look like she has a gut. Those of you who don't exist on a diet of Tequila and Marlboro Lites are not going to be well served by this look.

2: Juicy Couture. I don't know about you, but im my neighborhood they are usually worn by people about whom the possibility of being thought of as "Juicy" dried up during the Carter Administration, or by young girls who want to look sporty, like they were about to work out at any moment. Of course, noboby would dare actually do something as outre as sweat in these. Usually worn with a t-shirt with the logo of that notorious anti-Semite, Von Dutch, which also needs to stop.

1: Bluetooth headsets worn when you aren't at the wheel. You may think that it makes you look important and ready to work. It really makes you look like some dementer Lieutenant Uhura impersonator. Stop it.


TMH256 said...

LOL at Bluetooth headsets when you're not driving. So Spot on I seriously laughed out loud - especially when you can't see the damn thing and it appears the person is speaking to their imaginary friends. After living in Chicago for years, taking the subway every day and standing very close to unfortunate schizophrenic souls, I seriously wouldn't want to look like one. ;-)

tmp00 said...

I sometimes think that the person really is crazy and is hiding it by wearing the headphone. Who knows when there's no phone in sight?

TMH256 said...

I have to tell you, I saw a woman wearing a Bluetooth at the airport and she was nonchalantly speaking on it, thinking no one could hear her while everyone at the gate got an earful. What makes these things so awful is that people tend to speak LOUDER than they would on their cell phone. (is that possible?) I couldn't help but think of you and giggle quietly to myself.