Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A car-related rant

This morning on my way to work I saw and yet another car festooned with American flags. Nothing wrong with that, you say? Well of course not. But why is it that I only ever see this on foreign cars? Driven by people who are old enough to remember (or even lived during the time) when we were at war with the country in which their Lexus or Mercedes was built? Apparently irony is not something recognised by these people; if I still had my Chrysler I'd have one printed up reading "If you're such a patriot, why aren't you driving a Buick?"

I am also sick of Prius' running all over with holier-than-thou "I'm saving the planet and you're not"-type stickers on them. Hey Prius driver, if you were really that concerned about the environment, you'd be on the bus. Or a bike. If you really want truth-in-bumper-stickers, yours would read "I'm raping the environment incrementally less than you"

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